Gryö: made in France

November 20, 2017

Gryo bars with circket flour

In this interview Maria Luisa Ferro, Director of Gryötalks about the company.

Maria Luisa Ferro Gryo edible insects

Tell us shortly about the company and your interest in edible insects
"My interest in edible insects stems from two main passions: food trends and sustainable eating. I have always been fascinated by what foods are deemed as healthy and trendy and how this changes over time and within different cultures.

For example, one of the biggest luxury foods today, lobster, was given to prisoners during the Victorian period as it wasn’t deemed lavish enough for the rich. Tomatoes were also once considered poisonous and there would be freak shows where people would come and watch someone eat a tomato in disgust. It also fascinates me the way people are absolutely fine eating shell fish yet have issues with insects – prawns are pretty much the cockroaches of the sea!

As much as it is also an interest, it is an absolute necessity for us to seriously change our eating habits if we want to have a positive impact on the environment. The current western diet has pretty dire consequences for our planet and we cannot carry on eating the way we do. It is pretty widely recognized now that the one thing humans can do to really decrease their carbon footprint is by eating much less meat and getting their proteins from more eco-friendly sources, i.e. plants and insects.

As someone with a sustainable political background, this was an ultimate drive for me to get on board with Gryö."

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