Xdutch: the power of edible insects proteins

November 13, 2017

Xdutch sold exclusively on 21bites

From today Xdutch is sold exclusively in our shop!

Xdutch is the first supplement with “clean” proteins extracted from edible insects and only natural ingredients, with so many positive effects on human health (and the planet).

Well-being and sustainability inspired Italbugs to formulate this new food, especially recommended for active people, sportspeople and athletes.

Xdutch clean proteins from edible insects

Thanks to its special synergic ingredients, Xdutch maintains the muscle tone and supports metabolism by burning carbohydrates and fats with a thermogenic action.

Highly bioavailable proteins derived from edible insects are rich in essential amino acids that are ideal in post-workout or in supplementing the normal daily diet.

The Xdutch pack contains a programmed monthly intake amount: 18 capsules for a continuous 3-week intake (excluding a rest day) followed by one "unload week" without the product.

The package is divided into two parts:
- Magic Area: where you will find a small guide with the information for proper use and a special aroma;
- Food Area: where the capsules are stored to maintain quality and hygiene.

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