Bug bakes - Treats for dogs Winter roots & Honey

Bug Bakes

  • Treat your trusty four-legged pal to these delicious Winter Roots & Honey dog treats!

    Packed full of organic cricket flour, organic oats, nutritious vegetables, and just a touch of organic honey and garlic, these delicious treats are ridiculously nutritious to boot!

    Organic cricket powder is a sustainable alternative to meat and fish, produced from 100% crickets which are finely ground into a edible insect flour.
    Flour made from crickets is bursting with high quality, highly digestible protein, nutrients such as iron, calcium, vitamin B2 and B12 and is also low in fat and carbohydrates, helping to keep your pet in tip top condition, with plenty of energy and a thick glossy coat!
    The crunchy texture makes these great for canine dental health too!

    Hypoallergenic, wheat free, low in calories and vet-approved, these Winter Roots & Honey treats for dogs are suitable for a wide range of doggy diets and are an excellent way to let your four-legged pal enjoy their tasty treats without the worry of damaging their health!

    Net weight: 50 g (more than 50 treats)

    Made in UK


    Organic oats, brewers yeast, organic cricket flour, organic carrots, organic parsnips, organic honey, organic garlic.

    12 months from production date. Store in a dry place.

  • Nutritional Facts (x biscuit)

    Kcal 3
    Protein 20 %
    Fat 8.2 %
    Fibers 2.4 %


Category: crickets, pets

Vendor: Bug Bakes