No panic

March 03, 2020

No panic

In the last months, browsing the network you could find articles where lists of edible insect companies that have closed or are about to do so are compiled.

No panic.

In such a young and innovative sector this is perfectly normal, and insects have nothing to do with it. It has more to do with the fact that improvised entrepreneurs jumped into this business, persuaded that it was a kind of Eldorado, a sector where with no competence you could make money by investing a few hours and a few thousand euros in a site and a product rendering. This will happen again and again, that's for sure, and this kind of companies will continue to close.

However, there are entrepreneurs who have worked hard, with seriousness and competence, who believe in this industry and who continue to invest time and money. There are therefore companies that will not close and that, on the contrary, will continue to develop creating value and job opportunities.

We are proud to work with these european companies, being able to offer our customers only the best that can be found on the market.

The future of the edible insect industry is bright, for many it will be a bright failure but it probably would have been in any other sector as well.