About Us

21bites is the first European online shop where you can buy edible insects products and other superfoods from the best European companies today on the market, carefully-selected to ensure the highest quality and safety.

We only offer products that we’ve tested with our team, considering this one of the most effective guarantees we can give. Together with transparency about the origin of the products, their compliance with current Regulations on foodstuffs and…with the fact we are italians, and we are proud of our reputation when it comes to food.

Not only edible insects! In our Collections you can find other superfoods like spirulina, moringa, seaweed, baobab, canapa and much more.

21bites insetti da mangiare

We work with passion, giving importance to high-quality/bio raw materials and products, to the relations with suppliers and customers that we consider our friends, to the benefits for the world we all live in!

Discover the site’s sections dedicated to sports, pasta, snacks, cookies, petfood and be surprised by new tastes and new culinary possibilities offered by edible insects and other new foods!

Let the feeling between you and us begins!