Spireat: 100% made-in-Italy Spirulina

January 22, 2018

Spirit pure spirulina

Antonio Idà, CEO of Spireat speaks about his company

Spireat sells pure "Arthrospira maxima" spirulina from organic farming, free from additives, preservatives, and sugar. Unlike other producers, we have worked hard and deeply to produce a spirulina with an excellent taste, and the efforts paid off. We are very satisfied with the result.

Spireat spirulina alghe

How to use spirulina?
The flakes can be pulverized and dissolved in a beverage, a juice or any other food, munched as a snack or added to the dishes as a regenerating ingredient.
We also have a snack bar, a more practical format to take away from home.

What property does this alga have?
A considerable chlorophyll content, very useful for the purification of the organism.
It is probably the richest source of provitamin A in nature.
A high content of protein and highly assimilable iron, in fact it is strongly recommended for vegetarians and vegans. It also contains essential and non-essential amino acids that make it a superfood for those who have chosen this type diets.
It is recommended for those who want to follow a moderate diet aimed at weight loss. Taken just before meals reduces appetite.

And for sportspeople?
There are many sportspeople who constantly use spirulina, both to increase the strength and power of their performance, and to more fight fatigue and promote the development of muscle mass.

Spireat snack con spirulina

Tell us about the sustainability of your production cycle
The production system follows the principles of circular economy: integrating itself with existing processes, it recovers the thermal energy of the generated biogas, which otherwise would be dispersed, and absorbs CO2.
The production discards are used as fertilizer for the fields, for a virtuous agricultural model, with zero waste and zero impact!

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