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Jimini's - Protein Pasta Fusilli with insect powder


  • This pasta is such a dead ringer for the much-loved Italian classic, you’ll find it hard to believe it isn’t phoney!

    Featuring just three ingredients (buffalo worm powder, durum wheat and eggs) this delicious macaroni shaped pasta is exactly like the real deal.
    Simply cook it up with some veggies, sauce or your favourite macaroni cheese recipe and voila - you’ve got yourself a heavenly meal with plenty of nutritious virtues to boot!

    Enriched with insect flour, this scrumptious macaroni pasta packs a whopping 15% natural protein thanks to the benefits of buffalo worm flour, which is chock full of complete protein in addition to a hefty dose of vitamins and nutrients such as iron, b-vitamins, fibre and essential fatty acids!

    Which begs the question, why have regular pasta when you could take it up a notch and enjoy all the taste of your favourite macaroni classic with all the health benefits of insect powder in one!?

    Made in France


    Durum wheat semolina, whole dehydrated Buffalo worm powder (Alphitobius diaperinus) (5%), dehydrated egg white.

    Net Weight: 250 g

    Buffalo worms (Alphitobius diaperinus), eggs, gluten.
    People who are allergic to shellfish, molluscs or mites may also be allergic to insects.
    May contain milk, cereals containing nuts, sesame seeds.

  • Nutritional facts (x100g):

    kcal 371 (kJ 1573)

    Protein 15 g

    Carbs 72 g (of which sugars 1.8 g)

    Fat 1.9 g (of which saturates 1.2 g)

    Salt 0,13 g

    Fibers 3.7 g

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Vendor: Jimini's

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