Entis - White chocolate covered crickets


  • Take a moment to escape with these melt-in-the-mouth white chocolate delights.

    Comprised of whole Finnish crickets coated in the creamiest white chocolate, each dreamy bite, will send you blissfully floating above the clouds and dancing away with the unicorns!

    These decadent new delicacies are the innovative joint-creation of Entis and master chocolate manufacturer Kultasuklaa.

    Edible insects are fast becoming mainstream, praised for their versatility, taste, nutritional benefits and ethical sourcing.
    Dried house crickets are naturally bursting with high quality protein and nutrients such as iron, calcium, vitamins A, E, B, essential fatty acids, fibre and more.
    So go on and enjoy your new-found chocolate fix entirely guilt-free!

    Enjoy them as a satisfying, nourishing snack on the go, sprinkled on desserts, or whenever you’re craving a rich, creamy chocolate fix to lift your spirits and whisk you away with pleasure.


    Dried house crickets (Acheta domesticus) (7,5%), sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, yoghurt powder (3%), emulsifier (soy lecithin), vanilla.

    Net Weight: 50 g

    Made in Finland

    Crickets (Acheta domesticus).
    People who are allergic to crustacean shellfish may also be allergic to crickets.
    May contain traces of nuts, gluten, soy.

    9 months. Store in a dry place away from light. Ready to eat.
  • Nutritional Facts (x100g)

    Kcal 542,3 (Kj 2270)
    Protein 7,1 g
    Carbs 52,5 g (of which sugars 52,5 g)
    Fat 30,1 g (of which saturated Fat 23 g)
    Salt 0.2 g
    Fibers 0.5 g
    Lactose 9,3 g
    Vitamin B12 0,2 mg
    Iron 0,38 mg

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Category: Acheta domestica, chocolate, crickets, edible insects

Vendor: Entis

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