Are edible insects safe?

March 16, 2018

edible insects are safe

When buying edible insects or other novel foods, you need to know that Europe has the highest standards of food-safety policy.

The EU's food safety policy covers food from farm to fork. It is designed to guarantee:

  1. safe, nutritious food & animal feed
  2. high standards of animal health & welfare & plant protection
  3. clear information on the origin, content/labeling & use of food.

EU food policy comprises:

  • comprehensive legislation on food & animal feed safety & food hygiene
  • sound scientific advice on which to base decisions
  • enforcement & checks.

Where specific consumer protection is justified, there may be special rules on:

  • use of pesticides, food supplements, colourings, antibiotics or hormones
  • food additives such as preservatives & flavourings
  • substances in contact with foodstuffs, e.g. plastic packaging
  • labeling of ingredients that may cause allergies
  • health claims such as ‘low-fat’ or ‘high-fibre’.

Science underpins EU food safety policy.

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) provides the European Commission and EU countries with independent scientific advice when laws are being drafted and when policymakers are dealing with a food safety scare.

The Commission applies the precautionary principle - it acts immediately if scientists say there is even a potential danger."

Buy european, buy safe!

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