Are we eating the planet?

January 30, 2018

Are we eating the planet?

Are we eating our planet? Mauro Balboni wrote an interesting book about the issue.

Read his interview to discover how alternative protein sources as edible insects could be a solution:

"Today, official sources such as the FAO provide us with evidence of how much our current food production is unsustainable: from the loss of fertile soil through degradation and other factors (24 billion tons a year, according to FAO) to water stresses that impact great food producing regions now at risk of desertification, to the problem of food waste; and then the big paradox: agriculture now transformed in a machine for mass production of cheap edible calories, with overweight and obesity affecting 2 billions of us whilst 800 millions still classify as undernourished, and yet more billions suffer of malnutrition in various forms."

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