Choosing where to buy edible insects

February 27, 2018

buying edible insects online

Recently the number of sites where buying edible insects online has definitely increased.

This is due, in addition to an understandable interest in the new edible insects market, also to the attempt of some persons without any preparation to exploit what seems to be a fast-growing business.

So some e-commerce sites are born, where you can buy edible insects products from all over the world, without the quality and safety of the ones according to European quality standards, among the most rigid and safe in the world.

Similar for some blogs that have suddenly turned into e-commerce, without authorizations for online sales, without any indication of who is really behind these sites and without any guarantee for consumers, as required by Italian and European regulations.

The only guarantee to buy insects online is given by choosing highly qualified sites (and if you are reading this blog you have already in the right place!), or by the decision to buy directly from producers’ sites, with the problem of paying for multiple shipping costs.

Edible insects are a new food, a new ingredient.

The selection and purchase of edible insects also requires new skills that must be learned through knowledge and trust.

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