Edible insects CookBooks

October 20, 2017

Eating insects cookbooks recipes

In recent years, many edible insects cookbooks were published around the world.

Here following a list:

On eating insects_Nordic Food Lab

The eat-a-bug cookbook_David George Gordon

The insect cookbook_Arnold Van Huis

Insects: an edible field guide_Stefan Gates

Un insetto nel piatto_G. Maffei - G. Tacchini

Edible insects cookbooks

Most delicious insect recipes_Julie Hatfield

Eating insects as food_Elliott Lang

Insetti: da vecchia pratica a Novel Food_P. Pedrazzi - T. Simonini

12 Ricette con gli insetti_MasterBug

Six pattes et si délicieux_R. Caparros Megido

The ultimate insects CookBook_EatGrub

Bugs Apetit_Chad Peterson

Creepy crawly cusine_Julieta Ramos Elorduy

Let's eat bugs_MK Grassi

Edible_Danielle Martin

Bugs_David Creelle

Cooking with Cicadas_R. Scott Fronthingham

Baby Bug Dishes_Meish Goldish

The original guide to insects cookery_Taylor-Carter-Tweed

All crickets No bull..._Charles B. Wilson


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