EntoFoodVisions: the exhibition

May 07, 2018

EntoFoodVisions: the exhibition

Food is culture.

Culture is hungry for food.

An inextricable relationship, intestinal, one might say.

Food is epidermis, eyes, nose, ears, brain and mouth. Food is a human identikit, the different identikit of every human being.

Feelings that become tradition, spiritual comfort, that make ourselves feeling at home. In the East as in the West, in different ways.



Eating insects is tribal, an ancestral and natural gesture, relationship with the surrounding universe. Skewers of scorpions or locusts in a traditional-party context, whole fried tarantulas.

Eating insects is metropolitan, a natural urban gesture, an artificial relationship with the surrounding context.


In this exhibition, the first of its kind, photographer Denis Magro takes us through the western version and vision of new insect-based foods.

Food transformed, transfigured, engineered with brushstrokes of food design, industrialized, sold in captivating packaging. Beautiful to our eyes, welcomed by our palates.


An enlightening journey during which it is difficult to distinguish the proposal of a food alternative from the criticism to the current production system of the food we consume everyday.

Struggling to distinguish, one is forced to reflect in order to come to a conclusion. Et voilà, the artistic goal of Magro thus takes possession of the observer.


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Scuderia Urban CoolLab - ​Future Food Institute
​Piazza Verdi 2 - Bologna (Italy)
​Opening May 30th