High quality raw materials

February 05, 2018

South Italy edible insects farming

There are fields in which Italy stands out unchallenged, in which love for beauty and elegance, strong family relations, ability to act artistically and technically, blend with a favorable climate giving a unique mix, an habitat that almost forces you to do well what you have to do.

If the topic is food, Italy does not admit that the maximum vote (to be shared with wine).

21bites is trying, together with italian producers, to bring "the Italian way" also in the sector of edible insects and the products containing them.

There is no fear of contaminating a tradition of excellence, there is the desire to demonstrate that excellence is excellence in every situation, with every ingredient, even those at the moment most distant from tradition.

We are sure that as soon as they arrive on the market, our products with 100% made-in-Italy insects will mark a new level of quality. And to do this it is necessary to count on the high quality of the raw materials: dried, fresh or powdered insects.

We are equally sure that Italian breeders who are working in this sector will be able to provide us with the best raw materials, and the best of the best will come from those geographical areas where the weather is favorable and the need to artificially stabilize the environment is minimum: the South of the country, of course.

This is a call for young entrepreneurs from the South: check out the possibilities offered by farming insects for human food and for animal feed, use the advantage that Nature has given you!