Introducing Micronutris

October 02, 2017

Introducing Micronutris

Micronutris breeds two species of edible insects for human consumption in its own farm situated in Toulouse, South France.

Their biologists have developed methods enabling the development of insects in very rigorous hygiene conditions with a 100% pesticide free feeding and according high traceability and quality standards (ISO22000).

In addition to their unique nutritional values (60% protein) and their low environmental impact, all of their insects are raised with organic food and all their processed products including appetizers, biscuits, energy bars, pasta and chocolate are made with organic ingredients.

Micronutris' wish is to promote sustainable food, by making its edible insects known and by facilitating their access to the greatest number of people, thanks to quality ingredients and products.

Micronutris products edible insects

All their activity is based on some keywords including: health, nutrition, pleasure and environment and on a unique and innovative know-how in production and transformation.

Micronutris is based in France.

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