Micronutris: certified edible insects

November 27, 2017

Micronutris edible insects products

In this interview Cedric Auriol, founder of Micronutris, talks about his company.

Cedric Auriol founder Micronutris

Tell us about your first steps into the edible insects world. How did you decide to be an entrepreneur in the edible insects industry?
"The first idea came in 2011 after the reading of a FAO report (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), which prescribes entomophagy since 2003, notably to fight economical and ecological issues of our century. I immediately get fascinated by this topic and I saw edible insects as a very promising sector to explore.
Knowing that before 2050 we will count around 9 billion human beings on Earth, and that in parallel the food production for our consumption has a destructive impact on the environment (diminishing sources of clean water, greenhouse gases, missing arable lands, etc), the use of insects as food could have many environmental, health and social/livelihood benefits."

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