Seaweed: another incredible superfood

October 25, 2017

Seaweed and edible insects are superfoods

Edible insects are a phenomenal food: healthy, sustainable and nutritious. But there are other superfoods like seaweed: check out this interesting interview with Willem Sodderland, founder of Seamore

Tell us what was the first time you got in touch with the edible seaweed issue
"Well, I ordered a seaweed salad and couldn’t find the seaweed. The chef set me straight: what looked like spinach tagliatelle was actually the seaweed, a special species that grows on the rocks looking like pasta.

Seaweed and edible insects are future foods

The texture was similar and the taste neutral so the spark was immediate: what if we would replace pasta with seaweed? This was at a time when my wife and I were looking for ways to cut down our carb intake but finding it quite challenging to do so. So apart from seeing the potential in a broader sense I had a personal reason for spotting the opportunity."

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