Tips to cook with insects 2

August 30, 2019

Tips to cook with insects 2

Chef Matteo Girardi give us other tips for using edible insects in the kitchen.

How can I use insects if I don't want to eat them as they are?
They can be boiled to obtain aromatic broths (to get the best, you can mix all togheter and then filter the compost), or sautéed in a pan with butter or oil to subsequently add to the seasoning of the first courses, or even mixing them in the dough of stuffed pasta.

Can I make second courses with insects?
It is difficult, being dehydrated; they could be a co-protagonists of the dish, as the crunchy note on a second course of fish, for example.
Soon you will also find fresh insects on the market, and then you could challenge more advanced second courses where they'll be the absolute protagonists.

Can you rehydrate insects to make them as the fresh ones?
We can rehydrate them to make them softer but you will never get the insects as fresh as you need.

Does pasta with insect flour cook normally?
Of course, in boiling salted water, but be careful: the pasta currently on the market is ready in just a few minutes and it is easy to overcook it. New features of pasta will be soon out on the market and  it will cook in about 10 minutes, like the best traditional ones. Pay attention also to the doses, because the greater protein load of insect pasta satisfies more than that with only wheat flour.

Can I also prepare sweets with edible insects?
Certainly, however, the sweet preparations are the ones where you can less appreciate their flavor, being very delicate. In desserts, normally butter and sugar are the masters.

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