Where to buy edible insects

April 11, 2021

Where to buy edible insects

Where to buy edible insects: the 21bites shop
Are you a true foodie who never misses a chance to try out the latest trends in food and flavors? Would you like to recreate the delicacies from faraway cuisines that you have tried during your travels from the comfort of your own home?
Then we are sure that you will not want to miss even one of the latest and greatest culinary novelties of recent years. Yes, edible insects have been making the rounds for some time already. Here in Italy, consumers started to consider this idea during the months of Expo2015: insect-based cuisine was one of the hot topics addressed during the Universal Exposition.
Since then, things have changed a bit and some progress has also been made with regards to the regulations governing the production and consumption of edible insects: in 2018, in fact, the European Regulation that liberalizes the trade of novel foods (which includes, insect-based foods) in the countries of the Union came into force.
However, if we consider traditional stores, in our country, these kinds of products are not so easy to find, yet. So, who should people turn to if they want to taste pasta made with cricket flour? Therefore, in this article we will explain where you can buy edible insects.

Where to buy insects to eat
Besides being good and suitable for many cooking and recipes, insects are above all a healthy food. Remarkable is, in fact, the nutritional contribution of a portion of termites, grasshoppers or ants in terms of proteins, fibers, vitamins and minerals, something that appeals both to lovers of good food and to those who intend to follow a controlled and balanced diet.
At the moment, however, there seem to be only two possible ways to consume edible insects: the first is the purchase of products from particular portals and specialized e-commerce, the second, a bit more complex, is the possibility to breed your own colonies at home.
We would suggest the first one, as it is much more practical and safer: we must not forget, that some insects can be poisonous to humans. Therefore, we do not recommend breeding insects at home if you are not a true expert in this field.
So, where can you find edible insects in Italy? The best solution is to rely on sites like ours, dedicated to the sale of edible insects.

21bites, the edible insect shop
The web is definitely the best channel to find insect-based superfoods and novel foods.
We like to define ourselves as a retailer with “our hearts in Italy and our heads in Europe": the catalog of products on the website comes from our many "explorations across borders" that have led to the discovery of safe and innovative food.
These flavors are familiar and exotic at the same time. Our Platform’s aim is to offer consumers a range of products that combine both the quality of tradition and the trends that, in the future, will spread into our kitchens. In the 21bites shop area, there are many varieties of edible insects, algae, spirulina, moringa, baobab, hemp and other foods available that, we are sure, will pique the curiosity of users and will soon begin to populate the tables of Italians.
All the food available on the platform comes from the best European producers, who work in full compliance with quality standards and with the utmost attention to the environmental impact of production processes: these are two of the main reasons why it is worth shopping on the 21bites website.

Food insects: all products of the 21bites online shop
Are you looking for a natural substitute for the classic pasta dish? Would you like to try healthy and practical snacks that you can always take to the office? Or, are you the typical glutton who never finishes a meal without having dessert? If you answered "yes" to at least two questions you are in the right place! The 21bites edible insect’s product shop is the one for you. The selection of foods in the catalog will be able to meet all your needs with regards to edible insects and happily satisfy your hunger at any time of day. Every meal will be extremely tasty: if you explore the shop, you will discover, in the section dedicated to pasta and flours, how to prepare a yummy lunch rich in proteins, but also the sections dedicated to sweets, energy bars as well as sweet and salty snacks, perfect to fill the hunger pangs of the mid-morning or afternoon. The catalog also contains a section dedicated to supplements based on superfoods such as moringa, spirulina and baobab, which can be used to prepare smoothies, creams, salads or combine with flours.

Why buy edible insects online?
After we have given ideas of where to find edible insects, let's get into the reasons why 21bites is a reliable shop to buy insect foods from. Below we have summarized the main ones:

- First of all, as already mentioned, 21bites is a retailer specializing exclusively in the online sale of edible insects, algae and superfoods. Therefore, all the products in the catalog have been chosen with care and expertise.

- Similarly, a selection is made in advance of the best European producers with whom to collaborate and who deserve to have visibility on the site and be known by the general public.

- A wide range of excellent, innovative products are available on the 21bites platform, divided into categories and types, which makes purchasing more immediate. In addition, the variety allows for a curious but still somewhat uncertain user to choose where they would like to start in order to enter the world of edible insects, one step at a time.

- Buying insect products online to eat solves the problem of the current scarce or non-existent availability of these foods at traditional outlets and restaurants. Surfing on the 21bites e-commerce allows you to choose comfortably and from your couch at home which products to buy and, in the meantime, read up on the ingredients, the cooking methods or, again, the recipes to try.

- Speaking of recipes, another reason why it's worth buying foods with edible insects from the site is the collection of recipes and ideas in the dedicated section. In this way, 21bites supports consumers step by step in their approach to novel foods and encourages them with creative ideas to test out in their own kitchen.

- Lastly, but most certainly not the least important, is the opportunity to take advantage every day of the many offers and promotions on all products available on the site, which will make your purchases even better and especially convenient.

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