Fucibo - Cocoa corn cookies with insect powder


  • Delicious traditional cocoa Italian biscuits with corn flour, butter, eggs, sugar, vanilla and lemon flavoring, enriched with insect flour (Tenebrio molitor) for a greater protein intake.

    They are excellent for breakfast or for tea breaks, but also to share as a snack at any time of the day.

    Perfect as a healthy and innovative snack or to share during an aperitive or a party.

    Made in Italy with high quality raw materials and insect powder authorized by the European Community!


    Corn flour, Sugar, Butter, Eggs, Cocoa, dried Tenebrio molitor larva (yellow mealworm) powder (7%), salt, ammonium carbonate (E503 (ii)), vanilla extract, natural lemon juice.

    Net Weight: 95 g

    Made in Italy

    Mealworms (Tenebrio molitor).
    People who are allergic to shellfish, molluscs or mites may also be allergic to insects.
    May contain milk, cereals containing gluten.

  • Nutritional Facts (x100g)

    kcal 472 (kJ 1980)
    Protein 9.7 g
    Carbs 60 g (of which sugars 22 g)
    Fat 21 g (of which saturates 1.7 g)
    Fibre 3.0 g
    Salt 1.4 g

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