Jimini's - Grasshoppers Dried Tomato and Pepper


  • Luscious, sun-dried tomato with the perfect kick of black pepper sets these crispy edible grasshoppers ablaze with flavour!
    Every bite will having you reaching for more.

    The reasons to eat them don’t stop there!
    Chock full of complete protein with all those crucial amino acids, along with fibre, healthy fats and vitamins and minerals including calcium, B12, and iron, these delicious treats are a snack you can feel confident noshing on any time of day!
    Edible insects are fast hitting the mainstream as the ultimate way to get sustainable protein you can be proud to eat!

    Ready to munch straight from the pack, Jimini’s tomato and pepper grasshopper snacks are ideal for carrying with you on the go or serving up in a snack bowl next time you’ve got friends and family!


    Whole dehydrated grasshoppers (Locusta migratoria), seasonings [salt, tomatoes 27%, aromatic plants, spices (pepper 4%), sesame, onion, pepper, garlic], stabiliser (acacia gum).

    Net Weight: 10 g

    Made in France

    Grasshoppers (Locusta migratoria)
    People who are allergic to crustacean shellfish may also be allergic to insects.
    May contain nuts, gluten, soy.
    8 to 12 month depending on batch number. Store in a dry place away from light. Ready to eat and best before 3 days after opening.

  • Nutritional Facts (x100g)

    Kcal 497 (Kj 2071)
    Protein 38 g
    Carbs 17 (of which sugars 4.9 g)
    Fat 27 g (of which saturates 10 g)
    Fiber 16 g
    Salt 6.6 g

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Category: grasshoppers

Vendor: Jimini's

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