Party Bugs - Blue Cheese Mealworms

Party Bugs

  • Party Bugs Blue Cheese Mealworms are a great way to add an unexpected flavor twist to any event.

    These edible insects are coated in a delicious blue cheese flavor, making them an exciting conversation piece that is sure to be a hit at any gathering.


    Dried Tenebrio molitor larvae (yellow mealworms) , spice mix (cheese, onion, aroma, garlic, salt, sugar, maltodextrin).

    Net Weight: 20 g

    Made in Finland

    Mealworms (Tenebrio molitor), lactose.
    People who are allergic to shellfish, molluscs or mites may also be allergic to insects.
    May contain gluten.

  • Nutritional Facts (x100g)

    kcal 447 (kJ 1862)
    Protein 42.6 g
    Carbs 13.0 g (of which sugars 1.8g)
    Fat 22.2 g (of which saturates 7.8 g)
    Fiber 2.6 g
    Salt 2.8 g

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