EatGrub Coconut and Cacao bar

Eat Grub

  • Coconut and Cacao bar, a delicious and wholesome tasting bar with the warmth of cacao and freshness of chunky coconut. 


    Made from all natural ingredients, the bars are gluten, nut, dairy and soy free with no added sugar.


     Made in UK



    Chopped Dates (18.9%), Sultanas (18.9%), Coconut (15.1%), Gluten Free Oatbran (9.1%), Cricket Protein Powder (8.7%), Sunflower Seeds (6.3%), Cacao Powder (5.5%), Water (5.0%), Vegetable Glycerine (4.7%), Cacao Nibs (3.9%), Cacao Butter (3.8%)

     Allergy Info: If you are allergic to shellfish, you may be allergic to insects too

  • Nutritional facts:

    Kcal 149 (Kj 640)

    Protein 4.9g

    Carbs 15.4g

    Sugars 9.7g

    Fat 9.4g

    Salt 0.0g

    Fibers 3.2g

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Category: bar, energy bar, protein bar, sport

Vendor: Eat Grub

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