Jimini's Grasshoppers Dried Tomato and Pepper


  • Delicious flavoured edible grasshoppers ready to eat.

    For 1 to 2 persons.

    A crunchy and tasty Appetizer crisp.

    Made in France


    Whole dehydrated grasshoppers (Locusta migratoria), seasonings [salt, tomatoes 27%, aromatic plants, spices (pepper 4%), sesame, onion, pepper, garlic], stabiliser (acacia gum).

    Net Weight: 10 g

    Grasshoppers (Locusta migratoria)

    People who are allergic to crustacean shellfish may also be allergic to insects. May contain nuts, gluten, soy.

  • Nutritional Facts (x100g)

    Kcal 498 (Kj 2071)
    Protein 39.7 g
    Carbs 9.6 (of which sugars 4.4 g)
    Fat 31.5 g (of which saturates 10.5 g)
    Fiber 8.7 g
    Salt 6 g

Collections: Snacks

Category: grasshoppers

Vendor: Jimini's

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