EatGrub Orange and Cranberry energy bar

Eat Grub

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    Sweet juicy cranberries, gooey goji berries and zesty vibrant orange deliciously infuse to create this invigorating energy bar!

    Made using cricket flour this healthy snack bar doesn’t just sustain your energy, it’s sustainable for the planet too!
    Cricket powder is jam-packed full of high quality protein, fibre and essential nutrients.
    Add to this the vitamin C and antioxidant rich berries in this bar, and ta da; you’ve got yourself a nutrient rich powerhouse that doesn’t skimp on taste!

    Made in the UK using all natural ingredients, EatGrub’s healthy snack bars are gluten, dairy, and soy free and contain no added sugar, making them the perfect nutritious snack!

    Carry it with you for the quintessential pick-me-up whenever you fancy something a little sweet!


    Juice Infused Cranberries (22.3%), Sunflower Seeds (16.4%), Currants (12.3%), Chopped Dates (9.8%), Gluten Free Oatbran (9.8%), Goji Berries (7.9%), Pumpkin Seeds (5.9%), Vegetable Glycerine (5.5%), Cricket Protein Powder (5.1%), Water (4.7%), Natural Orange Flavour (0.3%)

    Net Weight: 36 g

    Made in UK

    Allergy Info
    If you are allergic to shellfish, you may be allergic to insects too.
    May contain traces of nuts.

  • Nutritional facts:

    Kcal 142 (Kj 594)

    Protein 4.3g

    Carbs 20.7g

    Sugars 12.5g

    Fat 5.3g

    Salt 0.1g

    Fibers 2.5g


Vendor: Eat Grub