Seamore - I sea seaweed Bacon


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    Missing those bacon bits? Craving added crunch in your meals? Set your sights on Seamore’s I Sea Bacon!

    Made from 100% wild, organic seaweed, I sea bacon is a nutritional powerhouse that tastes just like (green) bacon when it’s fried.

    Salty, smoky and delicious, this “vegan bacon” is jam-packed with protein, potassium, calcium, iodine and zinc.
    What’s more, it’s gluten free, sugar free and lactose free and low in both fat and carbohydrates.
    It’s also bursting with scrumptious bacony taste!

    Fry it up and add Seamore’s I Sea Bacon anywhere you desire added crunch; pasta dishes, salads, pizza toppings. You name it.

    Un-fried, the soft seaweed leaves make a great flavour-boosting garnish as well, perfect for adding a kick to almost any savoury dish!

    You can even munch I Sea Bacon bites straight from the packet for a healthy snack on the go! 


    Palmaria palmata, dried organic sea vegetable. 

    Net Weight: 37.5 g

    Made in Netherlands

    May contain traces of crustaceans.

    Store at room temperature. Keep dry after opening.
  • Nutritional Facts (x100g)

    229 Kcal (951 Kj)
    Protein 14.3 g
    Carbs 21.2 g (of which sugars 0.0 g)
    Fat 1.4 g (of which saturated Fat 0.3 g)
    Potassium 5.9 g
    Fibers 37.5 g
    Calcium 700 mg
    Vitamin B12 0.6 mg
    Iron 8.4 mg
    Zinc 11 mg
    Iodine 13.3 µg


Vendor: Seamore